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What our guest have said


  • Thanks for a great weekend. Your hospitality is something we will always remember the Antbear by. See you soon
    David and Melanie (Pretoria)
  • Thanks we has a wonderful time. The antbear is a very special place and we will definitely be back
    Andrew and Leani (Naboomspruit + jhb)
  • Thanks for a great weekend and great food. We'll be back
    Lesley, Solly and Russel Cowan
  • We made a mistake coming here and what we learned during our days at the Antbear is that mistakes made on this mountaintop are really wonders in disguise. The longer you stay here the more you learn about thatched roofs, pizza ovens and balconies. So there will definitely be a next time. We want to see the new house when it is finished. Thanks for your hard work and undivided attention and we wish you and the Antbear a prosperous future. Hopefully filled with nice and subtle mistakes.
    Marcel Beukeboom & Willemien Free
  • It's been so tranquil and focused and a wonderful six days that I don't know what date it is. Good sign. So many thanks. May your cows have plentiful milk, may your creative spirit endure, and by the way why is the sky blue?
  • A wonderful time of retreat, calm, humour, bonhomie ... and yes work. Much achieved, learned and cooled out. This house is a haven and the vista remindful of the glorious web of life. Thank you.
  • This has been a lovely restful time in enchanting surroundings. We enjoyed every aspect of our stay so much.
    Dottie and Johe
  • What can I say other than its been heaven on earth this weekend. Next time we'll bring enough rope for the expedition.
  • Thank you, this wonderful place is clearly a home-coming and re-centering. Sharing it with you has been a moment of magic. And then all the plans you have... We just have to come back. Bravo and a big thank you.
    Marianne and Desmond Colborne (Cape Town / Paris)
  • A very unique place. And original. Thanks to the hospitality and personality of the hosts.
    Stralitzia tours
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a few still, suspended moments as enchanting as the ruins were to you a year or so ago.
  • The furniture seems to have evolved from the wood as effortlessly as - well, an antbear, emerges from its burrow ... You're special, thank you for sharing your vision. And damn fine cooking.
    Glyn, Chris, Spencer and Ian (Durban)
  • Congratulations, you've made the most beautiful house I have ever seen.
    Rev (Randburg)
  • Everything has been wonderful, you, the way you received me, your furniture, your styling, the view, the house, my bedroom. Thanks a lot.
    Solvi dos Santos (Paris)
  • Your place is very nice. I hope to see you again.
    Harwina Manyoni (Durban)
  • Here the stars are amazing.
    Alex (Paris)
  • I must say its been a right gudd-un.
    Jim (London)
  • Best Christmas in years. Wonderful house and country-side. I will send you a card from the corners of the globe.
  • We loved it. Antbear is great and just the place to spend a very merry Christmas. Thank you for your hospitality and best of all your company.
    David and Jeanne
  • Wild spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, applesauce, ginger, mulberries, mielie bread, beautiful wooden furniture, mountain streams, sunshine, ....... and lots of wonderful hospitality. Thank you.
    Tamar, Mark, Simon, Robyn, Kim, Deborah and Kevin
  • Thanks for letting us share this beautiful dream now become a reality.
    Ivan and Sarah
  • The Tranquility here is a balm to the troubled soul. It's as though time stands still, and ones worldly concerns seem to melt away, to be carried off on the gentlest of breezes, or perhaps on the wing of one of the many beautiful birds that inhabit the area. One is then left unencumbered to experience an exquisite lightness of being which is quite bearable thank you.
    Michael & Jessica Salt
  • I look forward to seeing the namesake of the Antbear. A beautiful place.
  • We put Simon to sleep for a whole 5 hours for the first time in his 6 week life.
    Mark, Tamar and Simon